What does God the Father do for us?


The Way is that most soul beings at school on Earth will be reborn (through metamorphosis) as spiritual beings, to live in the heaven of god our Father Amitābha. Spiritual beings in Sukhāvatī are naturally good, naturally compassionate and rather powerful. They are deployed as care workers throughout the galaxy.

Our Spiritual Father, as the most advanced being known, is in charge of Sukhāvatī and all its inhabitants and galactic programs. Earth is the most important source of newborns to heaven. For this reason, Amitābha has a special interest in the flow of things and in individual students on Earth. There is no god in charge of affairs on Earth. Things down here are managed by natural and supernatural laws of nature as they flow from the Way. These laws govern not only our little planet but everything under management of Creation.

Amitabha Buddha And Bodhisattvas Arrive

Lord Amitābha is aware of the fact that human souls have destructive potential. For this reason, spiritual beings of Sukhavati are particularly concerned with the welfare of so-called “pregnant souls”. That is, souls who have developed sufficient spiritual awareness to start the process of metamorphosis. As butterflies are most vulnerable during the time of metamorphosis, so too are soul beings, and there are other beings who prey on the vulnerable. This, is the main concern of spiritual beings, or angels, who work on Earth.

father-god-amida-cathedral-975Spiritual beings do not interfere in The Way and cannot change natural or supernatural laws. They do not have access to money and they do not move physical obstacles. It is therefore of little value to pray for assistance with lottery numbers, or to pray for them to move the hail storm over to your neighbour’s farm. Spiritual beings have different abilities. Some have immense wisdom and compassion. They help soul beings with guidance and advice, and they help on the supernatural, mystical level. Their main task is not to ease the burdens of school (in the school of life) but to give advice, hope, and impart their beauty and peace while warding off evil of a supernatural nature. Spiritual beings do not share our human animalistic fear of death. They see our lives for what it is—a continuum of birth and rebirth, so we should not expect of them to care all that much about “saving a life” from a human point of view. From their point of view, "saving a life" means to help a soul being from falling prey to evil forces, from losing its storehouse of wisdom, compassion, humility and simplicity before the soul gets lost forever—or set back hundreds of thousands of years.

We know that God is often defined as: "That, which is your chief concern, is your god." Humans find it difficult to have a chief concern that is Divine. Human life is all too often similar to the life of a student at university or college. It is busy and marked by change, rescheduling and challenges, failures and successes, worries, social priorities and whatnot. Therefore, our minds are fascinated with different things all the time. Our gods (our chief concerns) change by the hour.

To remedy this problem, Wayists employ a lifestyle that incorporates frequent brief prayers, chants and reminders. These can take the form of an amulet in a window, an Om sign in a potplant, etc. Mostly, we surround ourselves with symbols, chants and signs that direct the mind to Avalokitesvara and our Father Amitābha. Only when we are so attuned, are our spiritual minds made accessible to the help and guidance of spiritual beings. The noise of mind-static, ego and junk thoughts that usually fill the minds of a humans interferes with spiritual communication. Most people on earth have rarely heard an angel speak, or even made sense of the guidance of spiritual beings because television, radio, advertizing, traffic and lots of other junk-noise bombard our souls into submission to the gods of commerce.

Again, what does Amitābha god do for us?

Amitābha is the final destination of the purpose of our lives. Without that, there is no purpose. No hope. Nothing...

Without Amitābha, we would be stuck in this cycle of births and deaths. For millions of years to come, we would continue to reincarnate even at inopportune times when the planet may just be hell on earth.

Mark 10:15 quotes Iesous' teaching about relationship with our Spiritual Father. Iesous says, "Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all." We have to look to god as our Spiritual Father. We have to assume the role of spiritual child, subject ourselves to the loving and caring of our spiritual Father. Without that attitude, says Iesous, we will be revisiting this school on Earth for a long time to come.

After some years in this school, we become more and more cynical and self centered. Iesous reminds us in Matthew 18:3, "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” And, Iesous said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (Mt 19:14)